Aesthetic Dentistry

The aim of aesthetic dentistry is to produce artificial teeth in a natural-looking color and shape in harmony with the person’s face. Artificial teeth in unnatural, exaggerated colors and forms are recognized at first glance. A disciplined planning and preparation phase of aesthetic dentistry is therefore required.

Lamina porcelain is a leaf porcelain which is made without any abrasion from the front surface of the teeth or by removing 0.5-1 mm tooth tissue when necessary. Laminates are leaf porcelain coatings that can be made from the front surfaces of the teeth with little or no abrasion (0.5-1mm). Due to their thinness, they have light transmittance and provide excellent aesthetics. It gives the most perfect result with the least harm in closing the existing gaps between teeth or correcting the burrs.

They are porcelains where we obtain a more aesthetic appearance thanks to the white alloy used instead of metal for infrastructure purposes. Thus, your prosthesis reaches an aesthetic appearance very close to the natural tooth. It reflects light and does not reflect a dark line at the gum level as its substructure is made of white alloy. It is fully compatible with the human body and does not cause allergies.