Clamping, TMJ Joint Disorders

Bruxism, which is caused by intense stress or depression during the day, can become chronic when left untreated. Explains the treatment methods that can be applied against clenching and grinding problems. Many people are in a serious wave of stress during the day due to unintentional reasons such as work intensity and daily marathon. Adding to this situation, the changing weather and the continuity of the summer time, which is the subject of the last days’ agenda, added to the stress level in people.

This stress occasionally minimizes the limit of tolerance in human relationships, and leads to a certain increase in people’s involuntary behavior. The habits of clenching are among the first of these behaviors. Moreover, the majority of people who have acquired the habit of clenching do not even realize this situation. These patients, but because they clench their teeth all night in the morning with the complaint of waking up with serious facial pain knocks the door of specialist physicians. In the first place, the problem of clenching, which makes itself felt with facial pain, can have consequences such as limitation in opening the jaw, locking, shaking or tooth fractures and joint sounds.